RA Al-Ikhlash, The garden of a Muslim children’s paradise

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Raudhatul Athfal (RA) Al-Ikhlash, founded in 1999 at Madrasah Al-Ikhlash, Garut, West Java. The founder is Hj. Adadijah Sobandi, S.Pd.i, a teacher muslim who has a vision and passion to build generation of akhaqul karimah (polite & good attitude). At the begining, RA Al-Ikhlash have 30 – 40 students, they are devided into two class, class A and class B. Students are very happy for first time they can be study in the class room. Residents provide support and positif response because RA Al-Ikhlash was the first school of children around them.

Siswa RA AL-IKHLASH Garut Tahun 2004
RA Al-Ikhlash Students. They are studying the holly Qur’an with his teacher ( Hj. Adadijah )

With all limitations, RA Al-Ikhlash continous to grow up then produce student who are smart, islamic and good attitude. The school has been there for 20 years, many memories occur in this school. Laugh, crying, sadness, pride, angry, and emotion have become one in a memory. 

kegiatan wisuda RA ALIKHLASH Garut
Graduation RA ALIKHLASH Garut

Today, RA AL-IKHLASH have 4 class for study, playground area, 8 best teachers, and many other facilities. Focus study at RA AL-IKHLASH, students are required to be able to read holly Qur’an, shalat practice and have good knowledge about islam.

Proses Belajar RA ALIKHLASH Garut
Learning at RA ALIKHLASH Garut
Manasik Haji RA AL-IKHLASH Garut
Hajj Simulation | RA AL-IKHLASH Garut

The real teacher for children is not teacher in the class, but the parents at home. So RA AL-IKHLASH requires parents to support and participate in several events at school. for example event indonesian independence day, event after ramadhan, graduation, 1 muharram, and others.

Perayaan 17 Agustus RA ALIKHLASH Garut
Indonesian Independence Day | RA ALIKHLASH Garut
Santri dan Santriwati RA AL-IKHLASH Garut
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